Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pickathon bound

it's that time of year again!
y'all know how live music is my thang!
can't live without it!

pickathon 2012 is just around the corner!
we are packing up the VW pop top and will head south tomorrow.

can't wait to see old friends!
and be there with lots of friends! 

if you are new here or don't remember what a blast the last few pickathons have been, check it out here.  i guess i didn't do a Pthon post last year because i had just opened the shop and was so busy just keeping  my head above water :)

i will report back this year and in the mean time, have a lovely weekend.  be good.  do good things!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Doors & Paint

if you've been around here a while,
you know i have a thing for doors.

last week jasper and i went to visit our dear loves in port townsend and they took us to visit fort worden state park...
where i discovered all these neat doors and cool old paint.

i am such a sucker for a good ol' vintage patina!

i wish every surface of my house looked like this:
aged, worn, old, historical, like it has a story of it's own to tell.
i've checked out all the paint technique books from our local library.  it doesn't seem like you could get it to look this good.
this old.
i'm fascinated with doorways.
always have been.
for me they have a myriad of meaning:
access, exploration, discovery,
opportunity, opening, transition,
transcendence, a veil between the worlds, mystery,
the unknown, surprise, enlightenment.

and colors!
oh how i love these random bits,
not meant to be art but to patch and spackle, here and there
again, i would adore having any of the walls in my house look like any of these old, rusty, random and patched up walls.
i like the touch of pink
could these curious spatters simply be there to cover up unwanted graffiti...
perhaps so, but thank goodness they used random colors, and every one under the rainbow, never any two cover up jobs looking twinish.
love the drab colors too.
does anyone else besides me want the outside of their house to look like this?!  look this good?!

yes, please.  i'll take a random wall niche.

some graffiti that hadn't been covered yet,


this is one of my favorite photos in this set:
doorways and stairways...
don't get me started!

i want hallway walls like this.

fort worden is only one of a million cool places in port townsend to visit.  there are the beaches, the farms, the shops, the food, the friends!  we hope to spend a lot more time exploring PT this summer
and if you ever find my current house deserted upon arrival, come search for me in PT, where you'll likely find me setting up home and splattering paint every which way!

in the spirit of adventure,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tanzanian Fabric

this here is the lovely Ms. Sheina Lew-Levy.
she has recently come back from 6 months in Africa.
she's amazeballs!

and she was kind enough to bring me much yardage of tanzanian fabric to play with!

i plan to use this fabric for all variety of fun stuff: skirts, bag liners, totes, pillows, aprons, etc.
she brought me a lot!

what have you been sewing?  i have a whole pile of projects that need attention.  so hard to stay indoors on these nice summer days though.  thinking about moving my studio back to my house so i can work at night, in my jammies, without having to leave home!

gluing embroidered flowers on gold l.a.gear sneakers,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recovered Stools

i recovered a couple stools a few weeks ago

i used a vintage pink, grey, and gold bark cloth on this one

a bit of mid century modern for you

on this one i used a vintage kids curtain panel

it's circus and it's fun

the seat lifts so you can truly use it as a step stool

this third stool got recovered a year or more ago

it has a very art nouveau look and i'm over it

the seat lifts too but i will be recovering this one very soon.

what have you recovered lately?

thrifting in chelan,

Monday, July 16, 2012

New & Noteworthy

i have so many amazing new things coming into the shop lately!
look at this gorgeous beaded vintage bag.
if someone doesn't buy this soon, i may need to keep it!

this sweet baby doll has the best eyes!

this old victorian vanity has a small drawer and is very very worn but still so cool.

a perfectly green side table.  could also be a piano stool as the top swivels!

perfectly green basket, could be used as is, hung up for other items to hang from, or used to display earrings and jewelry.

i have 2 new paper wasps nests in the shop and both have beautiful color and variation.

this apothecary jar doesn't look that huge but it is ginormous!
and full of lavender being sold by the scoop!

a two faced goddess candle holder! 
one face on each side!

sweet little pink and gold italian hinged box
a hat form
a perfect vintage leather coin purse
a large pink velvet box
full of compartments
a perfectly unfinished poppy embroidery that could be used for all manner of projects!
a cry baby!  don't ya need one!  ha!
a really sweet boho doll and a vintage baby toy with a bull!
a small hinged pink velvet jewelry box
a small hinged jewelry box, half blue velvet, half embroidered silk
a lovely baby doll dress
a vintage first aid kit full of original supplies
a vintage tonka dump truck
a vintage tonka pick up truck
a vintage la cross box.  i have 2 of these available
a well done vintage paint by number
the sweetest pin cushion, made in japan.
you know me and vintage sewing supplies.
hard to let this go!

a hand. a lovely hand. 
i want to stick a big crystal ball in it!

a small stash box

more ell skin clutches and a wallet

a vintage floral velveteen clutch

a chalk slate from italy

and 2 large vintage shell buttons

come and get it while the gettin is good!
Smashing Rubbish
is open
Friday & Saturday

burning in the sun on lake chelan!