Friday, January 27, 2012


love this prim and proper dress i found at an estate sale recently.
the turquoise and gold beaded necklace make it a little fancy.
and the belt.....i love the belt.

i had to sass it up a bit by wearing knee highs and tall boots

and then to make it saucy.... the fur leopard print coat was added.

gotta have a little sauce now and then if you want to keep things spicy!

What do you like to wear to dress up?  Vintage?  Modern?  Classic?

Do tell....

pricing books,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New & Noteworthy

vintage table top pie safe

wood ticket sign from left bank antiques in anacortes

vintage paper mache owl decoys

another wooden sign with leather strap handles on the back

beautiful working clock

perfectly foggy huge heavy mirror

was blue velvet victorian album

anthropomorphic frogs

peacock cigarette box

sicilian fraternal ribbon

new hampshire grange ribbon

odd fellows chief marshall ribbon

another sweep through my house, while being stuck there in the snow, has afforded the shop with a slew of new! 
come and check it out and see what you can discover for yourself.....perhaps a treasure or two.... you never know....

pricing, planning, and plotting,

Saturday, January 21, 2012


here is a little wear-n-worn to tide you over until i can get back to regular posting after the snow daze!

i have had this vintage kimono in rotation for many many years, like twenty, i think i have had it since high school!  And i recently discovered it again in the back of my closet!

i had gotten into the habit of always wearing cardigans and i have to remember that i have many other "cardingany-type" things in my closet to choose from!

here i paired the black and white kimono with a vintage frock i got last summer that just needed a few mends here and there.  i do think the "dress" is meant to be a house dress but i wear a black slip under it and and throw on my black knee socks and black boots and call it a dress to wear in public!

the dress has a fantastic asian inspired scene on it and has this great detailing on the pockets and collar.  oh yes, those who know me know i LOVE a dress with pockets!
its a good thing!

so in other's saturday january 21 and the shop is finally open!  it has been closed for a week due to snow, ice and power outage.  our seating sale continues and i am adding clothing to the sale as well, for the next week! 

all seating and clothing 20% off!

come by when you can and take a look.  since i was stuck at home for a week i also cleaned my house and culled many of my personal items to bring in to sell to you so they can meld into their new lives with y'all!  two car loads to be exact so it will take me some time to get it priced but little by little it will all be out on the floor!  come see!

hoping flooding and high winds stay at bay,

Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 in Photos

February: You Are Your Own Muse, self portrait with fiddle and bee hive!

March: polaroid portrait of a self portrait!

April: Boys, Hotel Congress restaurant, Tucson!

May: vintage Fireball ready for camping!

June: Breathe Owl Breathe played our backyard stage!

August: Pickathon!

September: still playing at the lake! 

October: Avett Brothers in Nashville!

November: honey extraction, from our bees!

December: Santa at Plaka!

as you can see, i choose one picture form each month of the year to sum up 2011!  it was a year of growth, challenge, learning, transforming, and fun!  i am looking forward to what 2012 might have in store but for now i will live in the moment and enjoy that tomorrow night i get to go eat the following meal at Delancey Pantry:

 Oysters on the half shell with apple mignonette
Pork belly confit with smoked salt
Johnnycakes with maple braised greens
Tomato-fennel soup with blue cheese toast
Boiled whole crabs
Roasted potatoes with sea salt
Melted butter, salsa verde and spicy aioli for dipping
Butter lettuce salad with radishes and chives
Lemon mousse trifle
Almond cake, toasted meringue and brittle

yeah, i think i'll stay in the moment for that!  and each course comes with a wine pairing as well.  oh yes, please!

what are your plans for the weekend?
hope you get some fun and good food in there!

our seating sale at Smashing Rubbish will run until closing on Sunday.
all seating: chairs, chair frames, stools, benches, etc are 20% off or more.  and we are having random daily sales as well that you can find out about by liking our facebook page or following on twitter.

sewing, sewing, sewing,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beaded Goodness

this is an amazing, palm size, piece of bead work i got in Nashville in october.

it's a little pouch, beaded on both sides.

 another close-up.

the piece was begging to be made into a necklace so i dug out some old random and assorted jewelry chain.

i left the little odd silver bead hanging off the left there because i like the asymmetry of it.

i just sewed a jump ring on each side of the pouch and attached the chain to them.  and i left the dark green silk ribbon detail as well.

i love this.  a lot.  and i should sell it.  but i don't really want to.  hmmmmmm..... torture, torture i tell ya!

in shop news:  our seating sale, a.k.a "anything you can sit your lovely butt on" sale, is happening now!  at least 20% off all seating: chairs, chair frames, kids seating, benches, stools, folding chairs, rockers, etc.
Come check it out!
also having random daily sales that you can stop by to discover. or if you "like" us on facebook or follow on twitter you will be the first to know what the random daily sale is each day this week.
today is bird nests!
all bird nests are marked down to $13, today only!

pricing, sorting, rearranging,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Snake Skin

i was going thru a bunch of our books and came across this one with a snake skin print on the inside cover!

it came from this vintage book, First Book of Snakes.

and i was thrilled to make some copies of the snake skin print to use for projects, notes, letters, paper airplanes, origami, etc!  i made some colored and some black and white!
i heart snake skin and have also been wearing a silk snake skin print shirt lately.  i am all about the transformative and mythic powers of the snake!  watch out!

in shop news: our seating sale starts on Wednesday January 11 and goes to Sunday January 15th
all seats, chairs, chair frames, stools, benches, etc will be at least 20% off during this time!
i will also be having daily sales on random items. 
you can stop by to check them out or if you "like" the Smashing Rubbish page on facebook or follow me on twitter, you will get to know what the random sale items are each day!  Check it out! 

thinking about friendship and unconditional love,

Friday, January 6, 2012

Triangles: Wear-n-Worn

when i was in Nashville at the end of october i scored some really awesome vintage clothing.  i decided to sell a few of the pieces in the shop but the rest i have kept for myself, including this awesome vintage dress that has a really modern "blasting triangles" design all over it.

perhaps it's from the 70s.  it is polyester after all.

it's not easy to tell, but it buttons from the waist up, off center, and can be buttoned up for a very high neck.  i wear it with the top button undone so it flops open a little.

you can see i am also wearing an old vintage velvet jacket that i have had forever-and-a-day.  i forgot it was in the back of my closet but have now been wearing it again lately.

the velvet swing jacket just has one cool old original button at the top but i didn't get a good photo of it.  the vintage red glass beads add another pop of color and matched my tights.

i am finally giving in to doing regular outfit posts.  i have been taking photos of my outfits for a while now as a way to document what i have and sell, and also i like to dress up a bit and until opening the shop never had much of a reason too.  so now i want to keep track of what i wear, or have worn, and too, i did take that amazingly awesome self portraiture class last winter called You Are Your Own Muse.  so i am taking some self portraits, capturing mostly vintage outfits, and making a record of "wear-n-worn."

i have felt conflicted in the past, posting outfit pictures.  like, who cares.  but this is my blog, i love vintage clothes and fashion in general, i sell this stuff, and, well, like i said, this is my blog and if you don't like it, you don't have to look!

and then, too, there are the little coincidences and serendipity's in life and i don't like to let those go unnoticed!  when i got home from Nashville and was flipping thru my fall issue of Uppercase,

which, by the way, you should all be subscribing too, (let me just should on you all for a moment!,

there, of course, was a spread on the triangle!  it turns out triangles are quite the "in" design motif at the moment.  all the rage.  who knew?!  maybe they were "in" in the 70s too!

shop news:  i wanted to let you all know i will be having a sale starting next Wednesday, January 11. 

the sale will be 20% off anything you can sit on!

yes, that's right.  all chairs, chair frames, stools, seats, and benches will be 20% off! 

i will have other random and assorted items on sale each day as well but you have to stop by to find out what the sale of the day is!  or you can go over to Facebook and "like" the Smashing Rubbish page to find out!  i will post daily sales, each day next week, on the Smashing Rubbish Facebook page and i will "tweet" them as well so feel free to follow the shop on Twitter too!

i am trying to make room for some new merchandise as i will be going on a buying trip the first weekend in february and hope to have many new items to bring in for you to peruse!

stay tuned and thanks for your ongoing support!

pricing, pricing, pricing,
p.s. did i mention i brought a lot of new things in from overhauling my home?!  come see what's new!