Friday, October 19, 2012

Permission Ship

permission ship

this is one of the metallic silver ships you may have seen floating in the air at my shop.  a whole fleet of silver and white ships hang from the ceiling along with various sized mirror balls, glitter stars and tissue paper orbs.  it's a magical scene and one many folks have voiced wishes to have above their beds to glimpse while drifting off to dream land.

recently my soulstorm posse was having a discussion concerning the need for space and time around making decisions/choices while diving head long into new projects, initiatives, and work.  following the energy, if you will, and examining which lines of energy to tug on each day, reel in, work on and cast back out.  the idea of "allowing" our intuition or gut feeling guide what pieces we pick up each day to work on, within the vast overflowing pile of life-as-we-know-it,came up in the form of a "permission slip" except that it came out as "permission ship." 
and it stuck.

when one of us in our sisterhood is having a rough time on the sea of life, our hulls depleted and not getting refilled to overflowing fast enough, and when our sails are stretched taut, close to snapping,  from the gale-force winds of responsibility we must attend in a day while fitting in our abundant hearts desires, we swiftly glide each other a permission ship.  we let one another know we are each others safe harbors.  we hold each others nets and baskets while what needs to spill washes full out to empty.  and all the while we do this space holding in loving awe and utter deep respect for each other, our womanhood, our powerful wild selves.

and we sail on.

not just drifting, untethered, forlorn with no destination.
we navigate full on with billowing wind in our rippling, outrageous sails, anchored only to the deep down profound truths of who we truly are, and buoyed by our pirate crew, the beacons, the luminaries, the stars, the treasures.

i am one blessed sea rover these days...
rolling in the deep aboard my permission ship.

if you need "permission," ahoy, just send up a smoke signal.
i will see your flare and i will skipper a permission ship your way.
you can count on me.

your ever loving and deep diving mate,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hang Ten

hang 10 is a newish feature here on smashing rubbish to make a quick chronicle of 10 things/items/experiences/people/places that i am loving, wanting to remember, and share with you!
my sister mb doing what she does, root down, word up.
when julia lost some teeth in a bike accident in pdx, i knew she'd appreciate this old gold west german toy(?) pair.  i was going to make it into a hair clip but figured she needed it more than me.
ms. moon is my new most favorite blogger.  i find we have a lot in common and i just simply adore her.
this book and this book are in the mail on the way to me.
just got done listening to dr. clarissa pinkola estes read me this and i have three things to say, no, four: swoon, word, must listen!
this post and this post had me texting my bffs to confess my undying love.
here's another woman, besides ms. moon, that i'd like to be like when i grow up (video)
johnathan fields and brene brown get down to business at good life project (video)
trying to get gus to teach me how to make one
can't seem to stop wearing feathers clipped into my hair.
good bird medicine i suppose :)
we are all in this together friends,
keep it real,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Vintage Shell Lamps

i've amassed a handful of these vintage, mid-century, souvenir shell lamps and other vintage shell related goodness...
all were in various states of falling apart so i have been saving weird stuff to glue all over them....
because, why not, right.
the one above now holds the glitter orb nun that natasha gave me.  she is actually holding a bowling ball but as soon as i got her i transmuted her bowling ball into a glittering orb.  she didn't mind.
i also added a little happy portlandia bird.  you know. 
put a bird on it.
i am keeping this one.
here is a little porcelain owl atop a shell pin cushion that hangs on the wall.  i took the soft pin cushiony part out when i was gluing so as not to ruin it.
i know.
sea elephants i suppose.
this one lights up too.
broken doll heads.
they have all been in a drawer.
i couldn't bare to throw them out.
oh and there is a whale tail in there too.
all hands shell alter/font.
everyone needs one.
is this lakshmi?
her lamp lights up.
and she is carved from sandalwood so she smells good.
i think the slight heat from the tiny bulb will make her scent waft.
here's hoping.
she got a bird too.
and this little winged creature is hanging with her deer friends.
this one works as well.
i may keep adding bits and pieces here and there until they sell.
oh, yes, they are for sale, in my shop.
Smashing Rubbish
15926 Main St.
Duvall, WA 
Fri & Sat
noon - 6
come on by and see how these look all grouped together and lit up.
you know you want to.
saltwater & sweetwater
(i'm needing a bit of both)