Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buying Trip Treasure

Small child size vintage suitcase

vintage half embroidered pillow case

close up.  love the faded colors and unfinished-ness of it.
I will leave it as is but make it into a pillow.

soft hand knit baby booties

The Drake Casket Company.  A new brush for my brush collection. Strange.  But true.

vintage table runner.  embroidered at both ends with same scene.  perfectly faded blue bird and cherries.  Will become a bag and a pillow.

big blue vintage first aid kit box

small orange vintage first aid box

the new Royal blue vintage typewriter

the Remington vintage blue typewriter

vintage blue and green tool boxes

Some, most or all of this loot will eventually end up at M and M.  Come check it out or email me if you see anything that strikes your fancy.  More photos to come, stay tuned!

What do you collect?  What do you buy? 

Be awesome!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For the Birds

Tiger Birdhouse

I found this wonderful tiger birdhouse over in Eastern Washington this past weekend.  I thought the use of the old lino cut tiger to make the front piece was pure genius!  And it gives it so much character! 
The tiger was created by carving into a large linoleum block.  To get the print you then roll on ink with a brayer. Then you press it to paper to get the image printed.  Love it when people can figure out how to do lino block printing because I have such a hard time thinking in reverse about where you do and don't want color in your print.  My friend Julie does something like this and she is becoming brilliant at it. 

So there was a nest in it!  And the top had two screws holding it on so I knew I could get it out.  Also, I had an idea for the birdhouse the moment I saw it so I will show you what I did with it below.  First the nest:

A birdhouse shaped nest.  It had a lot of colorful feathers in it and twine too.  Who built it?

Here is the nest out of the house, shaped just like the house!  It was very delicate.

Empty birdhouse.  Ready for roof to go back on.  But not before the next step.

Now here is where the project comes in because it involves me using the power tools!  I have had this old wood, stand, tree, perch thingy, forever.  It's lived on the side of our house waiting for something to be done with/to it for years.  I was told it was originally a perch for big birds.  Some of the limbs must have been longer originally.  Oh, I am just remembering, this came from my dad.  One of his many cool finds that he passes along to me, knowing I will eventually come up with some crafty use for it!  Anyways, you can see it here:

Notice the super cool and very heavy base.  Its all rusted now, which I like.

Back view of house on tree stand

Before I put the roof back on I attached the house to the top of the "tree stand."  First I had to get my saw and cut a limb in the front lower and more even so the house could sit on it.  I added an "L bracket" behind that front limb to help keep the house steady.  Then I screwed in little screws in the back so I could "lace" wire over, under, and around them to hold the house tight to a back limb.  I made sure I balanced the house in three places so you can see it resting on a third limb, on the left in this photo.  It seems really solid so I am happy with it!

close up of tiger birdhouse attached to top of tree stand, with roof  :)

Full view.

This is where the birdhouse tree stand lives for now.  Near my front door.  I doubt a bird will be brave enough to nest this low and close to the house but we use our front door so rarely, they might!  You can see our sand dollar spiral from the sand dollars amassed at Westport.  And you can see my metal work owl in this photo too.  More coming on the owl collection, in near future.

What projects have you been doing lately?  What is being created?  Do share!

Make, Do, Create.  Get inspired, be inspiring, and live life to the fullest!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Waffle Blogging

aka: Blaffle Wogging as my kids deemed it!

Monday night dinner folks! 

My new waffle iron + strawberries and whipped cream = outta this world deliciousness!

See!  Chad could hardly wait!!!

tehehehehehe   :)

I've gone to Typewriter Heaven

Four typewriters, right now.  4!

Gotta love a good "old-fashioned" typewriter!  We always make sure to have one around the house, in full use, most of the time.  We make our "special" lists on it.  Like our "What was so fine about 2009" list.  I needed that one to remind myself that last year was good.  And what better way to make a list than on an ol' typewriter.  The kids LOVE them.  We often have a story line going, that every one adds to, and they end up so hilarious.  I put those ones away in the scrap book.  And having a typewriter always available gives Jasper something "important" to do when I am at the computer and he needs a task. 

We had two typewriters already and then I scored 2 more this weekend on my so-called buying trip.  For me its hard to believe that there are people out there who have no clue of the value of a vintage typewriter!  I cant believe how crazy cheap they are when you find them at rummage sales and yard sales. Lucky me folks, lucky me!  So I will be bringing two down to M and M to sell and I will keep my two favorites around here so we can use them and have a back up :)

This is the Royal Signet.  This one will be for sale.  We had it around here all winter but I just found this other Royal that we will keep for a while:

This is the Royal Century.  I think its a little newer but I LOVE the blue color of it.  It's a keeper!

This blue one is a Remington.  It was made in Holland and its case was made in West Germany.  It will also be for sale at the shop.  Both of the typewriters I am taking to M and M are in great working order.  Did you know you can still buy new ink tape for these at the office supply store.  Who woulda thunk it?!

This is the other one we will keep around for a while.  Its an Olympia.  Probably the most vintage of this group.  Big, heavy, beefy.  It still has a dust cloth and dust brushes in a little case and the operating instructions.  Gotta love the completeness :) 

I find that now days people are buying these to take the keys off to use in jewelry making.  It amazes me that someone will spend $40-50 on one just to get the keys.  Also, last year my friend bought one just to use as a sedum planter!  I know!  Sounds like something I would do!  I guess if I took all the keys off and had one in really bad, unusable shape, I would plant the top and key area with sedums.  It would be darn cute!  I actually have a picture from a magazine of some such beauty.  If I can find it, I will scan it, so you can see.  And if I do that, then I will also take a photo of my ANCIENT Royal typewriter I have from my Grandma, that was her folks, so you can see how magical it is!  Its so vintage it has beveled glass panels on the sides and back of it!  Its total awesomesauce!  I gotta dig it out so you can see :)

Type on a vintage typewriter, be old school, feel cool and be awesome!  Word!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hi ho hi ho, it's off to work I go

Off on a buying trip! Back in a few days with regular postings. Here is some eye candy to hold ya over!   Searching high and low, Jennette

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vincent Schoolhouse

Vincent School House, Carnation vicinity, ca. 1915

Vincent Schoolhouse (1905) is located at 8010 West Snoqualmie Valley Road NE,Carnation. says this about it: The small farming community of Vincent is located on the western side of the Snoqualmie Valley south of Carnation.  In 1905, residents built a schoolhouse so their children could attend school close to their homes.  The school housed all grade levels and included students from many pioneer families in the Snoqualmie Valley.  About 20 students at a time attended the school.  Teachers were typically hired for two or three month terms in the fall and spring, seasons when parents could release the children from their farming duties to attend school, and milder weather eased travel for the students from outlying farms.  The school closed in 1942, but the Vincent Community Club still uses the building for social and community events.

side elevation, Vincent Schoolhouse

So I am kinda obsessed with this building.  I love it.  I have always loved old schoolhouses, community centers, churches, and barns.  I have also always wanted to live in one! 
I know.  Impractical and strange.  But oh, the ideas I have!  Before we bought our current house I dragged the family to look at an old church that was for sale in Snohomish.  It sat high on a hill and was SO GORGEOUS!  Alas, it was not livable nor in our price range so that tiny little dream was put on the shelf.  Also, when Gus was an infant, I saw an ad in the Little Nickel for a barn that was for sale.  It needed to be disassembled and taken away.  I dragged our young family there too, just to have a looksee, and it was so awesome.  It was a big old classic barn in Bothell and there was no way in hell we would ever have been able to number each board and beam, disassemble and reassemble that barn.  We had to experience, no expertise and nowhere to move it to.  But oh how I longed for that old barn.  I still dream of one day restoring and living in a historic building of some sort.  An old Odd Fellows Hall or Rebekah Lodge would be ideal!  There is an old schoolhouse in Port Angeles I have my eye on.  Its way up in the hills and overlooking the Strait. 
If anyone ever sees the sweet little Vincent schoolhouse go up for sale, I best be the first person you call to tell the good news!  Love me some old stuff, I do, I do!

Current photo of my schoolhouse :)  Look at that cute little porch.

Can't you see me living here with all my smashing rubbish! 

I want to go peek in the windows. So. Bad.

Bye bye sweet schoolhouse.  I love you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A First.
Last night Chad was sitting at the computer and he asked me a question about my blog.  Unusual, I thought.  He has never asked much and lets me alone to do my thing here in blog land, undisturbed.  I said something like - it's kinda strange that I have this whole other blog life and you have no clue, whatsoever, what I even talk about or show to the world.  On I went, making dinner, roasted whole lemon chicken, caesar salad, steamed broccoli and sliced oranges.  Eventually I look back over and see tears in his eyes.  He just looks at me and says - pretty awesome this blog.  And I can see he has been reading it all.  And I can see he is proud of me.  This not a first, by far, but the reading of the blog, a first.  For sure.
Another First.
Celebrating our 16 year anniversary this coming weekend.  Amazed.  Both of us.  How did time go that fast and where has the time gone?  Now closer to twenty years.  Wow.  Hard work for us but oh so worth it.  Love, love love my life and family!
One more First.
I have a 10th grader and a 2nd grader now.  Summer break has begun.  Will I survive this summer with them?  I suppose.  One is going to circus camp for the first time and one is going to bird banding camp for the first time.  If they don't hurt each other first.  If we all survive the over exposure of each to the other, first.  Love my boys but sometimes wish I could will them to stop acting like brothers to one another.  Treat each other like you would your grandparents.  You don't scream at, slap, spit on or hit your grandma.  And you don't antagonize, pick on, or poke at your grandpa.  (Well, a little bit, you do, but you know what I mean!)Leave each other alone,  To begin with,  The first time.

Live, Laugh, Learn.  Be a super star.  You are awesomesauce. 

Sedum Table

Ta da!

The sedum-succulent table top is DONE!

The table.  Exactly how I found it.  Do you think it had glass in the middle before?  Hmmmmm......

A different view.

View with chicken wire attached.  Yes, that is chicken wire attached with green twisty ties since I couldn't find the clear plastic zip ties.  Yes, I am resourceful :)  And determined!
Photo with center dowel brace installed.  Find an old dowel that used to be a chicken roost.  Cut the ends at similar angels.  And shove it up and under your first layer of "mesh."  Voila!  Center brace!
Table with second layer of "mesh."  I used "Gutter Gaurd" for this layer since I wanted a smaller weave than the chicken wire.  Both, together, give this structure, heft, and just the right size for water to drip thru but not spanish moss or soil to seep thru.  perfectomundo!

Topped with Spanish moss.
Close up of one corner.  I was trying to show how you can still kinda see the wire mesh mess underneath even though it has a nice thin layer of moss on top.  Key with the moss is to use "just enough," and not too much.  Especially if you are buying it from the hardware store.  Be frugal!
Which layer is this?  Oh yeah!  Like the 4th layer, or so.  Soil on top of Spanish moss, I guess :)
Another view of the finished table just after planting and first watering with organic fish food fertilizer.

View with another newly planted sedum chair, as well. 

Plant, grow, nurture.  Have fun and make art!