Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Monster Sweatshirt

Here are the wool felt monsters i made for Jasper and Rowan, just like Iorek's.

This one is/will be Jasper's

This one is Rowan's

Just like Iorek's, Rowan's Birthday Sweatshirt has his birth year too, 03

Rowan likes his Monster Sweatshirt but I have not been able to catch up with him to get a photo of it on him.  Once I find a plain sweatshirt for Jasper, I will finish his and then I will try to get a photo of all three boys in their sweatshirts, together.  Seeing all three, almost finished, made a few of us in our craft group want to make some for ourselves.  Not monsters though....... What should we have?  Whatever it is, I doubt we will be adding our birth years to ours!  Maybe we will come up with a name for this craft group and then we can have it opposite our emblem!  Ha! 
The most likely name for our craft group right now would fall along the lines of : Crafty Wine Swillin' Mamas, or, Mamas Craft and Stitch and Bitch, or, Eat, Drink, & Craft Mamas!

Sew, Stitch, and Mend.  Make, Create, and Imagine.  Smile and Dance.  Do what you Love!


  1. I saw Rowan's sweartshirt on Monday at the pool party, VERY cute! Hmmmmm a craft ladies' sweatshirt, kind of like the Pink Ladies (Grease) jacket, cool!

  2. I dont know who loves Rowans sweatshirt more, I wish it fit me, I love the idea of a crafty gals version, lets do it!!!


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