Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Velvet Cuff

made myself a vintage velvet cuff.
i had this old gorgeous faded blue velvet from the lining of an old silverware box.
and i had this old silver cuff that used to have a string of sequins glued to it, (but i ripped those off!).
so i traced the size of the cuff, rolling it from one side to the other, to make a pattern for the velvet before cutting it out.
then i got some elmers glue out and used a paint brush to glue the velvet to the cuff, one inch at a time.
when i got to the other side and there was a bit of fabric left. i just trimmed of the excess.
then i set it near the heater to dry so i could wear it the same night for going to a show in ballard.

now i am working on adding some vintage bias edged, vintage velvet panels, to some awesome vintage boots i just scored at the thrift.  yes, i will show you when i am done!

always and forever loving me some vintage velvet,


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crystal Mt.

that is my Aunt Charlene and jasper walking up to my aunt and uncles lodge at Crystal Mountain Resort.

billiken is the name of the club/co-op/lodge that they belong to.  it was built by a group of boeing engineers mid last century.
it is gorgeous and lovely and enormous.
and 25 families share it.
that's me in my retro-vintage nineties purple and neon columbia jacket.  and jasper in the middle.  and my awesome Uncle Steve on the left. 
My Uncle has been on ski patrol for 55 years!
yep, 55 years!
at his 50 year mark he was honored at Crystal by having an entire run renamed after him.
if you ever ski upper Ferk, middle Ferk, or lower Ferk at crystal, you are skiing my uncle Stever Ferkovich's run.
jasper and i on the gondola
us after a long day of sweet skiing.

thanks aunt charlene and uncle steve!
we cant wait to come back for skiing and in the summer time to have a picnic at the top of the gondola overlooking mt. rainier.
and we want to do the horseback ride too!
thanks for all the fun,

Monday, February 27, 2012


it's not like this is a super special outfit or anything.
but it was really comfortable and easy.
i'm wearing a rusty autumn velour floral jacket that i love and have had for ages.  i recently got another very similar to it in nashville but it's in reds and is feathers!  feathers!
these skinny jeans get worn way too much and so do the brown leather clog boots.  but they are so comfy - the boots are like platforms so they just make me tallish and not hurt my feet!

this is one of august's vintage sweater vests that i stole/borrowed.
i love the pattern and the orange and brown colors.
and i love contrasting orange with blue, hence the blue t-shirt. which is a fruit bats concert tee
i get a lot of comments on this belt buckle.
it's a white alabaster ship on a blue background.
i found it digging thru an antique mall in eastern washington and it was $8 so i had to have it to add to my belt buckle collection.
(go figure, she has a belt buckle collection! ha!)
plus, it's a ship. and i am all about the ships folks!
you can see i just wore all the usual suspects: vintage chinese blue glass earrings, bracelet and pendant paired with the beaver and owl necklace. 

have i told you the story about this "set" of vintage blue glass?
it is often mistaken for turquoise.
the earrings were a gift from my brother's girlfriend, jamie.  she found them when she worked at an awesome thrift store in jackson hole, wyoming.  the silver funnel-like cap on the top of the blue glass droplet shape has vintage kingfisher feathers glued to it but only tiny bits remain.
anyhow, jamie gave me the earrings and then within the next year during one of our many get away weekends in portland, chad and i found the pendant.  i was floored.  it matched the earrings exactly, with feather encrusted silver funnel-like cap and all.
and it was $9.
clearly that is a major score!
and then also within the year i found the blue glass bracelet, that matches, at a flea market in seattle.
matchy matchy!
and i wear them all. the. time.

what's in your closet? 
dig to the back and try something you haven't seen in a long while.
how does that feel?
fresh? silly? outdated? totally in?
do tell!

browsing thru a ginormous stack of library books,

p.s. has anyone seen the new hayao miyazaki movie, the secret world of arrietty?  you must!  it's lovely!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Victorian Amethyst Tassel Necklace

i made this victorian amethyst tassel necklace from a victorian tassel and a chunk of pointy amethyst!

the tassel was hallow in the upper middle part, like a small woven cup or basket.
and i had this beautiful piece of amethyst that used to be on my alter.  but it fit so snug and perfect into this little tassel cup that it got super glued in!
here you can see it just sitting in there and this is before i ironed the tassel ends.
i figured once i got the mineral set, i would add jump rings to the sides and just attach a simple vintage chain.

and so i did.  and i am really loving letting the hardware show on the sides lately.  so when i put it on i just swing the chain around and attach it on the side there.

this is definitely not the shirt i would normally wear it with but i wanted to see how it looked on.

so i do love it.
and when i can come to terms with letting it go, it will be for sale in the shop.
we all know i have a hard time with this...
but for now i think i will wear it like it's my new favorite necklace!

off to see Breathe Owl Breathe and hang with my buddies,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


vintage plaid jacket.
like a rain coat, i guess.
my new silver oxfords!
thrifted vintage embroidered green shirt.
love that the shirt came with a belt!
august took these pictures.
i don't think the pants were right with the rest of the outfit but oh well.  they are just grey linen from target a couple years ago.
the silver leather oxfords are super comfy and were only $20 with shipping on ebay.

contemplating another closet clean-out,

Monday, February 20, 2012

To Keep from PDX

you know i must have kept few things that were found on the stp (seattle to portland)and back roadtrip, right?!

that up there is a rebekah lodge pendant.  i have a collection of rebekah lodge items but had not ever seen this piece. i love what the order stands for and i am so curious and interested in anything having to do with secret societies, rituals, oath taking, mysteries, conspiracies, etc.  
i was thrilled to discover it!  found at cargo.  and on sale!

this is a beautiful vintage needle case made in germany.  also found at cargo on sale.  you know how i always try to make everything into either a necklace or a hair clip?!  Well i am considering attaching a little loop to the back of this so it can hang on a necklace and be useful to me!  who woulda thunk it?!

ohmygosh i love these gold snake earrings so much!  also found at cargo on sale.  i have been wearing them almost daily and i will show you a wear-n-worn post soon where you can see how i have been wearing them with my fish, beaver, and owl necklaces.  its like a regular nature preserve on my body!  haha!

this wool blanket remnant is being made into a nice big long soft scarf/shawl.  i am loving the colorways and motif!

i got this book because i love the cover that looks like tree bark.  it is already falling apart so i will probably use the front and back covers in an art project.

this is a great piece of asian silk.  right now it's just hanging in the studio to inspire me.

another old falling apart book that i loved the cover of.  will also be used in a project.

another hand/home made rag doll to add to my personal collection.

another piece of opaque white bristol glass to add to my collection.

a blue silk and white dashed scarf.

a ginormous spool of red and white baker's twine.
(for the shop!)

these pictures do not do these justice, whatsoever, but these are two huge barkcloth curtain panels with the most gorgeous flowers and birds on them.  the colors a vibrant, bright and lovely!
they will either end up in my bedroom or over the pantry.
and lastly, another painted fungus!  yahooie!
found the wild cat one on the way to portland.
the one in the background was found at a garage sale a while back.
and i have one painted with wild flowers.
not sure if i will keep on with this particular collection. 
it may end up at Smashing Rubbish.
i just love that its kinda weird and unusual.  of course!

thinking about sewing,

Saturday, February 18, 2012


i've been wearing this beaded clip more often.

i found the beaded piece a couple years ago and just hand sewed it to a pinch clip so i could wear it in my hair.
and these jingle jangle earrings are getting more wear now that i have been wearing my hair up more.  they get tangled in my hair if it's left down.  they are vintage and i love the colors in them.
the clip and the earrings go really well with this old poncho i dug out of the back of my closet recently.  it is also getting a lot of wear now!
i think the poncho is south american but i am not sure from where exactly.  i picked it up many moons ago at the thrift store.  i am liking wearing it over this embroidered eastern indian type cotton shirt.  this has become my go to outfit on cold grey bleary wet northwest days.  it cheers me up!

what's in the back of your closet?!

eating curry and listening to frazey ford,