Monday, January 10, 2011


All of these doorways caught my eye in Sayulita.  Literal doorways here, although there were many a figurative doorways to be had as well!  No, I did not do peyote, but still.... the scenery, the colors, the scents, textures, tastes, heat, salt water and bright sun all did a number on me.  So, yes, the doorways were open.  And I passed thru them in my imagination into worlds beyond and afar.  Seems like a dream.  Surreal.... to be real..... so surreal.  Ahhhhhhh.


  1. love all the doors...especially those top 3!!
    thanks for your hello kitty note! i have things that i have had for years,too...
    and don't worry, i love wearing my watch. (i may have grabbed one or two more :) i was just eyeing a hello kitty yahtzee set that's on sale at urban outfitters

  2. omg, these are gorgeous. you should make a book!


  3. Arent doorways great?! So metaphorical too! Love me some doorways! xoxx


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