Monday, January 17, 2011

Leaving Mexico Breakfast

this is a fake, well half fake, sad face about leaving Sayulita, in honor of our friends Eric and Karli, who have a sad-face photo of when they too, had to leave Sayulita.

we ate french toast but devoured it before a photo could capture it.

door to the wc

that fruit holder basket thing is made from one long palm branch!  amazing!


our view at breakfast

from inside the wc

note on the door inside the wc

the windows inside the wc.  bottles!

adios mexico.  you did me right.  i miss you.

jennette, at smashing rubbish world headquarters(!)


  1. Oh Jennette - I love the sad faces!!! It is cool to see Sayulita through your eyeballs. We should get together and hug about it:-)
    Love Karli

  2. its a date Karli! xoxox jennette

  3. LOVE the pictures!
    As long as we have memories,
    yesterday remains
    As long as we have hope,
    tomorrow awaits
    As long as we have friendship,
    today is beautiful
    XOX Mom


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