Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Sign

i got a new sign to hang outside the shop!

it's double sided, hand painted, and locally made.

it will hang adjacent to the door so you can see it coming down the street, either way.
also, i am going to make some small signs to hang from it.  for those of you who have been to the Smashing Rubbish shop, which would you say most aptly fit?  i'm trying to pick 3 of these: "vintage", "handcrafted", "home", "curiosities", "eclectic", "handmade"
or do you happen to have any other suggestions?
do share!

deep in the midst of Jenny Lawson's new book and can not stopping
laughing and cringing....perfect!


  1. you KNOW I want that sign!!!!! Two days ago when we came home one of the owls was sitting on our porch roof. It's baby owl time here and they are making their screeing sound in the woods. But I digress....
    I vote for "vintage"..."curiousities", and
    "eclectic " of those words. Would "naturalist"
    fit in there? It is so fitting for you.

    1. Thanks Gayle! I appreciate the feedback. and i LOVE owls too!

  2. Vintage Curiosities sings the tale of your store to me...

    1. Thanks Donata! It does help to know what impression it makes on people so i appreciate you taking the time to respond! hope to see you soon! xox jennette


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