Friday, March 30, 2012

Painted Silk Pillow

jasper made this silk painting in his after school art class at SeaHorse Studios
i love the colors he choose.
his inspiration was the sydney opera house!
we made the piece into a pillow case instead of a wall hanging.
it's one of my very favorite things!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
i am trying to get some sewing done over here: cot covers, bags, pillows..... the works!



  1. Wow, Jennette, that's gorgeous--please tell Jasper I said so! And also, I can *totally* see the Sydney Opera House inspiration in the lines of this. How incredibly cool.

  2. I'm sure you treasure that! Lovely!
    Thanks for the sweet Jo words. And for sharing her with olives mama. I'm on the hunt for a good suitcase. :)

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