Friday, March 9, 2012

All Are Welcome Screen Door

for months now this screen door has been hanging around.
the screen's coming out.
it's not perfect.
but i thought it might be a nice shabby vintage earring/jewelry display, leaned up against a wall.

well i never did hang stuff from the screen.
and day after day i was moving it outside to lean against the wall.
all imperfect and falling apart.

then i remembered seeing somewhere that you can essentially embroider on screen.
hey, why not?

i have admired this slogan that shanna murray sells as a decal

so i just started stitching and it turned out alright.

i could go over it and make the stitching thicker and more bold....but for now it will be sold as is

hope you all have a great weekend and dont' forget about the time change. 
so happy it will stay light past 7pm now!

ironing, hanging and pricing tiny handmade doll clothing,

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  1. That's awesome! Thanks so much for leaving a comment about your door. Coincidentally, your post was published on my birthday. Love that. :)


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