Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage Silk Kimono Jacket

this is a beautiful and delicate vintage silk kimono i picked up at a vintage clothing store in Tucson last spring.

it is old silk with silk embroidery

the workmanship is gorgeous and amazing

there is so much fine detail and i see something new every time i admire it.

if it weren't so delicate i would definitely wear it

i have it draped over an old mirror frame to hold it up and out

i love the waves and water depiction

the sleeve trim is just incredible

right now the kimono is living leaned up against these mirrors on a ledge by my front door

i need to find a different place for it to live because my front door is all glass and the light that shines through this south facing door is not good for the silk.

on a quest for another space large enough (fat chance),


  1. Hi there,
    What a beautiful find! Is it for sale?

    1. Hi Christine!
      Thanks for the question/comment!
      It is not currently for sale. i had forgot about it! it's somewhere in my house! i will most likely hold on to it for a photo shoot but it may end up for sale at some point. it's best to like my facebook page, Smashing Rubbish, and sign up for my newsletter via my website, to easily find out when i list new items in my online shop or offer new items in my brick and mortar shop space. xx jennette


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