Thursday, February 24, 2011

Raclette and Champagne

all photos by Erianne Berg

a few weeks ago i had the crafty aunties and friends over for a night of feasting on raclette, drinking champagne and a sleepover.
we had fun!
my erin (erianne)was sitting back taking photos and i thought you might like to see.  my house looks really cluttered to me in these photos but you get to see more here than i've been able to show you up til now.
here you can see the raclette grill that Natasha brought over.  the grill has 8 individual trays to use for grilling so it's great for a little party around the table! 
we are all wearing my old grubby t-shirts because the raclette cheese smell is so strong when it melts we didn't want our good clothes to stink forever more!
i need a haircut soooo bad!  it's so long i can tie it in a knot at the back.  the ends are just fried!
it was so lovely to have the ladies over for a relaxing night of feasting and drinks.  we drank really great champagne and even used the raclette grill to melt chocolate over strawberries on french bread.....sooooooo good!
here you can see some of the raclette toppings and the pile of raclette cheese ready to go.  if you haven't tried raclette and you ever have the chance, Go For It!  it's fantastic and such a lovely way to share a meal with friends.

putting new suspenders on old overalls,


  1. Not only do I love everything you write, as well as you yourself...but you are contstantly teaching me new things! Thank you friend.

  2. love you! it was such a lovely evening with lovely women! thanks to you again for having all of us over!!

  3. Dear Jennette,
    This is Eva from YAYOM. Your home looks so interesting. I wish I could come over and look at everything in detail. Raclette has been a traditional New Year's dinner in our home. I so loved it. Another dinner experience that has a similar feeling is the Hot Stone. Meat, fish, Veggies can be cooked on it. I forgot all about these ways of cooking. It is such a great solution for dinner parties.
    Love from Eva
    P.S. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.


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