Friday, May 11, 2012

Strange Dolls

i took all my armless dolls and gave them wings.
they are kinda weird

and very strange

a little unusual

and slightly ethereal

i love strange dolls.
do you?

collection can be viewed and purchased at
Smashing Rubbish
15926 main st. duvall, wa.
current hours of operation:
thursday - saturday noon-6
sunday noon-5
(closed mother's day sunday)


  1. OMG, I love your weird, winged dolls almost as much as I love YOU!

    Happy Mothers Day, mama :)


  2. Hey!! I went into M&M........your space is full of fun and unusual!! I had to force myself to walk out without that fabulous crazy quilt.

  3. I´m collecting too, cause i love unusual kind of little old or vintage dolls. Yours are beautiful!


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