Wednesday, October 5, 2011


oh yes.
this is a cassette tape recorder.
unused in the original box.
with microphone and cassette tape included.
toy car, booze and cigarettes not included.
hilarious and curious graphics required purchasing this box at an estate sale recently. 
I knew the boys would think it was hilarious too.
Gus won't let me sell it right now.
i wonder what he will use it for?

hanging an x-ray light box to convert to a "watch your step" sign,

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  1. Jennette,

    My name is Peter McCauley

    My brother and I recently found on our old panasonic cassette player
    on ebay

    we're now trying to find the original cassette it came with

    on one side there was music, the other was blank

    if possible can you see the cassette in this old recorder is the same ?

    one of the songs on one side is Walk Don't Run, by the 60's band
    'The Ventures'

    thank you so much !!!!!!



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