Friday, March 4, 2011

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

having a friday night dance party in the kitchen to Adele!  HELLO!  have you heard Rolling In the Deep?!!!  I dare you, double dog dare you, to sit still while you listen to this!  get up!  move!  shake your booty and dance your arse off!

  its good friends!  real, real good!



(p.s.  i am desperately seeking 2 tickets to see Adele on June 1st at the Paramount in Seattle.  she was originally playing at the Showbox and they moved the show to the Paramount for more room and it STILL sold out!  i'm desperate!  help a girl out if ya can!  thanks loves!)

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  1. Get on with your dancing self! I am so glad that this song is being shared. Good luck with getting those tickets. - Mandy


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