Friday, November 5, 2010


Hasn't it been so nice out?!
It's November, people!

Just poppin' in to say have a great little weekend!  I am headed down to Portland with the Crafty Aunties and Friends.  Staying at my favorite boutique hotel, The Ace, as usual.  And attending The Little Winter handmade craft market at The Ace's conference space, The Cleaners.
Going to see Tony play Friday night and will get to see The Yard Dogs Road Show in pdx, again, on Saturday night!  Lots of shopping and eating foodie food in between.  I will take lots of pictures and show you around pdx next week!


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  1. Thanks for dreaming up and organizing such a wonderful trip for the crafty aunties and know that you are much loved and appreciated by us all & I hope we go somewhere new every year together!! Many many fun filled adventures await us all!!!! Love you !!

    One of the Bad Girls


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